Sportsmanship Award

This year we have introduced a new ‘Sportsmanship  award assembly’. Each half term one child from each class is awarded a certificate to celebrate their achievements or good sportsmanship qualities that they have demonstrated during school time.  We also are sharing and celebrating any outside sporting successes that our children have achieved.



Spring 1

Mrs Mason’s Class

Owen has been a kind friend and has shown teamwork.



Mrs Grady’s Class

Well done Bonnie for persevering with your throwing and catching skills.



Miss Chamber’s Class

Harriet has been showing resilience and always tries her best.


Mrs Idell’s Class

Lacey has shown excellence in her gymnastic lessons. She has shown coordination and control with her shapes and moves.



Mrs Goucher’s Class

Callum has shown excellence and worked really hard in gymnastics.



Mrs Clay and Mrs Senior’s Class

Jessica and Lilly always take part fairly in games. They are able to win and lose gracefully.





Autumn 1

Mrs Mason’s Class

Max needed help at first getting across the barrels but then had a go on his own. He tried different ways of getting across and was really proud of his achievements. Well done!



Mrs Grady’s Class

Well done Lucie for showing determination. She tried to ride the two wheeled bike by persevering until she felt she could do it with confidence.



Miss Chamber’s Class

Finley has been a brilliant student during PE. He is able to show and explain his gymnastic moves to his peers. Well done!



Mrs Idell’s Class

Layton is an excellent role model for his peers! He follows instructions perfectly to create fantastic gymnastic shapes.



Mrs Goucher’s Class

Well done Louie! For always showing determination and supporting your friends with good feedback about their learning.



Mrs Clay and Mrs Senior’s Class

Well done Bailey who has shown excellence in gymnastics. He has shown he has natural ability at performing gymnastic shapes, jumps and rolls.