Sports Events and Festivals


Sports Day – FS1 & FS2 (Nursery and Reception Classes)

AM Nursery & Mrs Grady’s class – Tuesday 12th July 9.30am

PM Nursery & Mrs Mason’s class – Tuesday 12th July 1.30pm

Year 1 – Monday 18th July 9.30am.

Year 2 – Monday 18th July 1.30pm.


Last week 10 of our Y2 children represented our school at the matball festival at Wales High School. We didn’t win the overall competition but we won many individual matches. Our children showed good tactical and teamwork skills and all enjoyed competing against other local schools.


In February, 10 of our Y2 children and 12 of our Y1 children represented our school at the Wales High School Dance and Gymnastics Festival. The children were brilliant at performing their routine in front of such a huge audience that was there. They made Mrs Clay VERY proud. Well done!