Children’s University

Rotherham CU - benefits for children and families


Rotherham Children’s University (CU) is part of an exciting national initiative that encourages and celebrates children and young people’s participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours.
Activities take place at schools that are subscribed to Rotherham CU, such as breakfast clubs, lunchtime clubs, after-school and holiday activities.

Children and young people’s commitment to learning is celebrated by recording participation in all aspects of  voluntary learning through an awards system. Once credit is awarded for each hour of learning that takes place. These are then converted into awards:
– Bronze (30 hours)
– Silver (65 hours)
– Gold (100 hours)
…and these continue right up to 1000 hours!

Find out more information: Rotherham CU Powerpoint for children young people Feb 19


September 2019. Big well done to this group of super learners. They all took part in the KPI Summer Challenges over the summer holidays. Some children even completed them all! Everyone who took on the challenges have earned credits for their ‘Passport for Learning’ for the Children’s University.

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