Our Mission

What we do – our purpose

To build the foundations for the skills, values and knowledge our children will need to function effectively in their future lives
as local, national and global citizens.

Why we do it – our values

We believe the following values are important and need to be taught and demonstrated;

To always try your best in everything you do

To have respect for other, ourselves and property

To listen to advice

To support and look after each other


How we do it – our aims

To have high expectations of our children and ourselves

To constantly strive to develop and improve for the children and for ourselves

To act as role models for the children and demonstrate our values to each other
What we hope to achieve – our vision

By reaching our aims and demonstrating our values our children will leave KPI as;

Successful learners – children who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve

Confident characters – children who are happy, secure and healthy

Responsible individuals – children who are considerate of others and their surroundings