Miss Chambers’ Class

Welcome to our class page. On here you will find lots of information about what we have been doing in school throughout the year.

Spring Term

We hope you have had a wonderful well deserved rest and the children have enjoyed their Christmas and New Year celebrations!

We now have a very short 5 week term with break in February and then another 5 week term in the run up to Easter.

This class page will be updated throughout each term, looking back on the children’s learning and experiences. Urgent and important messages will be posted on the ‘Class Dojo’ message board for you to access promptly.

The focus of our topic work this term will be ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’. They will be learning about domestic and wild animals and we will be hoping to visit Yorkshire Wild Life Park in the second term for children to further their experiences. 

Autumn Term 2

This  has been a very busy term indeed! To start the term off, the children were learning about celebrations around the world focusing on the topic ‘Rio de Vida’. As we went through the term, it got closer to Christmas and the children started preparing for their performance of ‘Baubles’. The children worked really hard and gave an amazing performance to all parents. Whilst doing this the children we also continuing their learning about different celebrations around the world.

To start the topic off, the children made a Brazilian headdress using Art and Design skills.

20151105_142919          20151105_150938









They really enjoyed this and later wore them to perform some Samba dancing after following instructions from a video.

20151106_151729          20151106_151040


In Music, the children learnt about different styles of music and the instruments that make the sounds that they heard. Following on from the Music session, in D&T the children designed and made their own musical instrument. They chose from a percussion or string instrument. Once the children had made them, they worked as a team to create and perform a tune on their own instrument.

20151117_134341          20151120_144554


20151120_144415          20151120_144253


20151120_143954          20151120_143749

We have learnt about Diwali and the Festival of Light and made clay divas.

DSCF5131         20151111_152121           20151111_151434








In November the children dressed up as their hero for Children in Need.

20151113_124312           20151113_124300

The class also took part in a competition with Lloyds Bank in Rotherham where they had to draw a picture of Pudsey. The pictures were displayed in Branch and the winner was drawn by Pudsey himself! Unfortunately we didn’t win first prize, but three children from our class won 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize! Well Done to Isabelle, Oscar and Jack!

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In PE the children have been practicing how to perform rolls correctly and safely. They started with the basic log roll then the egg roll and with help they were able to perform a forward roll correctly.

20151109_143004        20151109_144209

In computing the children have been learning how to program. They started off using a Bee Bot independently. As a group we introduced the word ‘program’ and talked about what it means. Once they knew the meaning, the children were able to program the  Bee Bot to follow a set of instructions.

20151124_111533          20151124_111514


20151124_104620          20151124_104354

The children also visited Wales Church this term and Reverend Gary told them what happens in church. They listened really well and some children were able to try on Rev Gary’s attire.

DSCF5170      DSCF5191




In the last week of term, the children performed their Christmas Play ‘Baubles’ to 2 very big audiences! Their hard work paid off and the Parents loved it. A link for the video of the performance was sent out and is also available on the Class Dojo for any of those who did not receive this link.

Finally the children had a visit from Santa on the last day of term. The children we rewarded for all their hard work they had put into the previous term.

DSCF5242           DSCF5240



Autumn Term 1

We hope you have had a fabulously spooky half term and the children have enjoyed thHalloween-Hero-1-Aeir Halloween celebrations!

We now have a very busy, 7 week, half term ahead in the lead up to Christmas. The children have returned to school this week well rested and ready for the learning and festivities that the term will bring.

This class page will be updated throughout each term, looking back on the children’s learning and experiences. Urgent and important messages will be posted on the ‘Class Dojo’ message board for you to access promptly.

Our theme this term is Celebrations and the focus of our topic work will be ‘Rio de Vida’. They will be Samba dancing, learning about Brazil and comparing it with our local area and lots more! As part of our RE curriculum, we will be learning about Diwali and designing and making clay divas. We will be preparing for Christmas and we will be rehearsing for our Christmas play.

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