KPI Sportsmanship Awards


KPI Sportmanship Awards

Check out the new ‘Sportsmanship Award’ board in school. The award will be presented half-termly and children will be nominated by staff for showing characteristics of one, or more, of the sportsmanship themes. The themes are respect, excellence, courage, friendship, equality, being a positive example to others, striving to meet goals, inspiration, taking part fairly, teamwork, being motivated by the achievement of others, giving your best, determination and supporting others.



Sportsmanship Awards December 2019

We’re very excited to announce the first class winners for the Sportsmanship Awards this December. Each class nominated a pupil who has shown one or more of the characteristics of the Sportsmanship themes. We had a special assembly to present the winners with a certificate and the parents of the winners were invited along too.  Take a look at the very worthy winners!

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