KPI School Parliament

School Parliament 

At Kiveton Park Infant School we want children to have a say. We want to know how they feel about things, and to listen to their views on how to change things to make them better. In the next couple of weeks each class (except Nursery) will be electing 2 MPs to represent them. The MPs will go to meeting sand share ideas from their class.

If your child would like to be a class MP, they must tell everyone what they would do to make our school better; by either talking to the children in class, making a poster or writing a letter. These will be shared with their class over the next couple of weeks(canvassing for votes will end Thursday 10th October).

The children in each class will vote for the 2 children they think will do the best job on Friday 11th October.




Children who wanted to be members of School Parliament in Mrs Goucher’s class talked to the class about why they should be voted for to be an MP. They also answered questions that others had about what made them a good choice for the role.


Voting took place today for School Parliament members. Children could make a poster, write a letter or talk to the class about why they would make a good MP. Mrs Grady’s class were very proud of the posters and letters they made.

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This child in Mrs Mason’s class has been busy making a poster to tell everyone why he would like to be a member of School Parliament.



KPI School Parliament 2019-2020 – Results

Big congratulations to those KPI pupils who were voted to be members of School Parliament this year. These children were voted to be class representatives by the children in each class.