Kiveton and Wales Kindness in the Community Week October 2019


KPI were very proud and excited to be part of ‘Kiveton and Wales Kindness in the Community Week’ at the beginning of October.

Each class at KPI took up the challenge of completing 21 acts of kindness throughout the week. Alongside the class challenge, each child took home a personal record sheet to record their acts of kindness at home.

Each child that completed 10 acts of kindness at home received a special certificate.

Mrs Idell’s class made a ‘kindness tree’.



These kind people in Mrs Idell’s class all filled in a heart on their class chart for carrying out acts of kindness.



This lucky Year 1 found one of the beautiful gifts hidden in the school yard one morning. Someone kindly made and hid them for an act of kindness for ‘Kindness in the Community’ this week.



These two lucky children received surprise ‘Kindness Cards’. The cards made them smile, what a lovely idea for an act of kindness.



So many children completed 10 acts of kindness at home for ‘Kindness in the Community’ over the week. Anyone with 10 acts completed received a special certificate in an assembly. Well done to everyone who took part!



The Great Get Together July 2019

What a great day for a picnic! Great fun was had by all today at our first ‘Great Get Together’. So lovely to see KPI children having a good time getting to know some key members of the community. Thank you so much to all our parents for the generous donations of food and blankets and thank you to our special visitors for joining us.