Family and Parenting Support This Summer

RMBC Early Help

Summer 2019 Parenting Programme

Discussion Groups

Who is it for?

Parents or caregivers with a specific concern about their child’s behaviour. They are most likely to benefit when their concerns are around a relatively discreet, mild to moderate behavioural issue and when parents can independently implement parenting plans that are generated during each 2-hour group discussion.


What is covered in sessions with parents?

0 – 12 Discussion Groups:

 Dealing with disobedience. This discussion topic provides examples of common forms of disobedience and some reasons why children have difficulty learning to follow instructions. A number of positive parenting strategies are then introduced to help parents develop a personal plan to prevent disobedience, teach their child limits, and also to manage disobedience when necessary.


Hassle-free shopping/outings with children. This discussion topic uses shopping trips as an example of one of the most common times parents have to deal with difficult behaviour in public. Positive parenting strategies are discussed as step-by-step suggestions for preventing problems and teaching children how to behave on trips.  Parents develop individualised plans to manage problem behaviour during their own outings and are encouraged to transfer new parenting strategies to other potentially difficult community situations.


Teen Discussion Groups:

Building Teenagers’ Survival Skills. This discussion topic explores why teenagers sometimes make risky decisions and how they can learn to keep themselves safe while gradually developing independence. Parents are introduced to positive parenting strategies to help their teen plan for a situation which may potentially put their health or wellbeing at risk.


Reducing Family Conflict. During this discussion, parents share some of their experiences of conflict with their teenager and discuss why sometimes this occurs in families. Several positive parenting strategies are introduced to help parents teach their teens how to get along with other family members and resolve problems. Ways to manage times when conflict affects the whole family are also discussed.


Easter Bonnet Competition 2019

Our annual Easter Bonnet Competition will be held on Friday 12th April. Children are invited to bring in a homemade bonnet for the competition and winners will be chosen from each class. Good luck!


Safer Internet Day 2019

Tuesday 5th February was Safer Internet Day across the UK. The whole school took part in Safer Internet Day activities and the day provided a fantastic opportunity to engage with children about their digital lives.

To help you talk to your children about having a positive and safe time online, the UK Safer Internet Centre have created a pack for parents and carers, including conversation starters, a fact sheet,family pledge card and more! You can find all of this by going to their website.

The activities below provide suggestions of fun and engaging activities that you can do with
younger children to help them think about being safe and positive online.


World Book Day 2019

World Book Day Thursday 7th March

To celebrate World Book Day KPI will be having a ‘Bedtime Story’theme and children are invited to attend school in pyjammas and nightwear for the day.

Parents and carers are invited into school to stay and read with their child at either the start of the day or at 2.20pm before the end of the school day ☺️

Don’t forget to enter the ‘Book in a Jar’ competition that we’rerunning in honor of World Book Day. Entries need to be in by Wednesday 6th March.


Book in a Jar Competition

KPI are running a ‘Book in a Jar’ competition after half term to celebrate World Book Day. Children are invited to think about a how a favourite book could be represented in a jar. Please see the attached letter for details.

Book jar pub jpeg

Wear Red Day

KPI ‘Wear Red Day’ is on Thursday February 14th. Children and staff at are all invited to dress in red for a voluntary donation of £1.This special day is one of the ways that our school is aiming to raise funds to purchase a school defibrillator. We’re hoping the day will support learning and understanding about hearts, heart conditions and why we need a defibrillator in our school ❤️❤️❤️


Fundraising for a School AED

Community of Kiveton Park – we at Kiveton Park Infants School need your help! We are raising funds to purchase an AED(Automated External Defibrillator) and to support the work of The British Heart Foundation.

The provision of timely, appropriate first aid and emergency lifesaving CPR support can and does save lives across the country.We currently have a child in our Foundation Unit with congenital heart disease, and we hope to purchase an AED for our school.The defibrillator could obviously be a huge life saver for the child,but will also benefit the whole school and the local community too.We’re currently seeking advice from the ambulance service regarding housing the defibrillator somewhere with public access.

We aim to raise this money in a number of ways:

❤️The staff in the Foundation Unit are taking part in their own fundraiser to help towards the cost of the defibrillator and a ‘Just Giving’ page has been set up for the challenge. We’re giving up chocolate for the month of February and are asking our community, families and friends to sponsor us for this challenge.

❤️ Caroline Shaw, the mother of the child in our Foundation Unit,has very kindly joined in with our mission and is taking on her ownsponsored challenge to add to our total amount. Caroline is givingup alcohol for February and has set up her own Just Giving pageto gain sponsors, the details of which will be shared shortly. Hugethanks to Caroline for her fabulous support 😊

❤️ KPI ‘Dress Red for Hearts’ day on February 14th. Children and staff at KPI are invited to dress in red for a donation of £1. We’re hoping the day will support learning and understanding about hearts, heart conditions and why we would like a defibrillator in our school.

❤️A coffee morning at KPI. Come and join us for a cuppa and cake. We have some brilliant bakers at KPI and the cakes are always a huge hit 😋 Date to be confirmed.

❤️ KPI parent Ryan Edmonds and his workplace Sheffield Forgemasters are taking part in Tough Mudder and are very kindly doing the challenge to add to our goal. They are looking for sponsorship for this. Big thank you to Sheffield Forgemasters for their amazing support towards our fundraising. More details about this event to follow.

Please support our fundraising for these two very worthy causes.Our goal to purchase an AED will need an amount of around£1500 and we’re still looking into various sources of funding to help lower the cost of the actual defibrillator. Details about which will be shared as and when we have updates along with links tothe various Just Giving pages. Shaw Plant Trading Limited have also very kindly offered to pay for the upkeep of the AED which is an amazing offer that we massively appreciate 😊 Any amount raised after the amount needed to purchase the AED will go to The British Heart Foundation.

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support,

Friends of KPI


Granny Norbag Visit 10.12.18

KPI Year 1 and Year 2 children loved their special visit today from Granny Norbag author, Malcolm J Hogan. Malcolm delivered his Granny Norbag experience and signed copies of Granny’s new book, ‘Granny Norbag and the Naughty Pirates’.