Summer Challenges

Big well done to this group of super learners. They all took part in the KPI Summer Challenges over the summer holidays. Some children even completed them all! Everyone who took on the challenges have earned credits for their ‘Passport for Learning’ for the Children’s University.

Children who earn credits for their learning through the Children’s University work towards ‘Bronze, Silver and Gold’ certificates. At the end of the school year children with enough credits and hours of activities will be invited to a graduation ceremony, wearing a cap and gown, to receive their graduation certificate

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Our first week in Nursery

What a lovely first week we’ve had in Nursery. The children have settled in beautifully and are already showing some great learning. They’ve made new friendships and enjoyed playing with old friends too. There has also been plenty of opportunities for practising and demonstrating some fantastic physical skills both indoors and outdoors.

One of the stories we’ve listened to this week is ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and the children have enjoyed using the enhanced story telling area to experiment building houses for the pigs.


Postcards from the summer holidays

We’ve loved receiving your postcards over the summer and reading all about your adventures and activities. It would be lovely if we received some whenever our KPI families visit a new attraction or go on holiday. The children have really enjoyed showing their postcards and talking about their travels 😊

First Day of School 2019

Wow, look how smart our KPI children all look on their first day of term 😊Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos!


Welcome back

Welcome to the new term here at KPI. All children in Years 1 and 2 were welcomed back to their new classrooms by their new teaching staff and children in the Foundation classes have now all started school. It’s been lovely hearing about everyone’s summer and we’re all very excited to start the new term.

We’ll be sharing photos of the children settling into their new classes soon.